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What is AWS Certification?

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What is AWS Certification? Empty What is AWS Certification?

Сообщение автор lisha Пн Май 22, 2023 2:56 pm

AWS certification is a program offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) to validate the expertise and technical knowledge of individuals who work with AWS cloud computing services. AWS offers a variety of certifications that are designed for different roles and skill levels, including Solutions Architect, DevOps Engineer, Developer, Cloud Practitioner, and more. To earn an AWS certification, individuals must pass one or more exams that test their knowledge of AWS services, best practices, and real-world scenarios. AWS certifications are globally recognized and demonstrate that an individual has the skills and knowledge required to design, deploy, and manage applications and infrastructure on the AWS platform. AWS certifications can be beneficial for IT professionals, developers, and other individuals who work with AWS and want to advance their careers or increase their earning potential. Additionally, AWS certifications can be helpful for organizations that want to ensure that their employees have the necessary skills to effectively manage their AWS environments.
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